Create a Light-proof and Sound-proof Bedroom Haven

Posted on May 27th, 2019


We all have our own personal needs for the best sleeping environment. For some it’s soothing noises, for others it’s absolute silence. Some want it hot and some want it cold. Some can fall asleep day or night, while others need pitch black to sleep. If you prefer dark silence, here are some tips to create the perfect bedrooms in any of the apartments in South End Boston.

The reality is that apartment living doesn’t always lend itself to absolute silence when it comes to trying to fall asleep. No matter how thick the walls are in the building — even in old historic buildings like Harrison Court — there’s still the likelihood of ambient outdoor noises ranging from sirens to late-night revellers on the street and even the occasional noise from surrounding neighbors. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to dampen the noise coming from and into your apartment.

First and foremost, start off with rugs. It’s still stylish and trendy to mix and match and layer rugs if you can’t afford one large room-size rug. The key is to cover as much of the floor as possible, leaving usually around a 12-inch frame of the wood floor around the edge of the room.

Covering your walls with pictures also helps to absorb sound. Even better, choose large fabric wall hangings for extra sound absorbency. From Etsy to Urban Outfitters, you’ll be surprised at the variety of contemporary tapestries available. Particularly in the bedroom, consider choosing an extra-tall padded headboard, especially if your bed is against a shared wall. If you can’t afford one, you can always create one with a sheet of plywood, some spray adhesive, cushion foam, fabric and a stapler gun for a fraction of the cost. One search on Pinterest will serve up plenty of tutorials and ideas.

When it comes to windows, the right curtains and shades can help keep out both sound and light. Blackout roman blinds, paired with stationary framing curtains are a great option, because they give you the freedom to let light in when you want, but effectively block light at night when you want to sleep. Another option is to use thicker curtains in fabrics like wool, velvet, and flannel. These already block out more light and when lined with blackout panels, they really do a great job of creating an ideal dark environment perfect for sleeping. Ikea and Bed, Bath & Beyond are both great sources for both curtains and blackout liners that can be added to existing curtains.

Even if you prefer a minimalistic look, aim for sleek upholstered items in your bedroom and throughout your apartment. Whether it’s your bedroom or living room, bare floors, walls, and windows just make a room echo and enhance every sound. Rugs, upholstered furnishings, curtains, wall hangings and even just pictures help soften and reduce noise, and a decent set of dark curtains paired with existing blinds can do a surprisingly good job and blocking out the light.

When decorating the bedrooms in apartments in South End Boston, try to create a cocoon, with thick duvets, plush rugs, and dark or lined curtains. Just be sure you have a good alarm clock for those times when you need to leave your dark and quiet dream oasis.