Creative Closet Hacks

Posted on February 7th, 2019

Even the biggest walk-in closet isn’t enough for some fashionistas. Fortunately, if you take some of the creativity of putting together an outfit and turn it toward your wardrobe storage, you will love some of the ways you can hack your closet space to fit more or even expand your closet space in your South End Boston apartments.

First off, look at your closet and see if you can add in shelving, hanging racks, and other sources of storage. Inevitably, there are a variety of ways to make use of the space in your closet that is otherwise going to waste. If you have a closet door, get a hanging shoe rack or some other form of hanging storage that can be used for shoes, as well as scarves, bags, tank tops, belts, ties, and more. You can also store a lot when you fold items and stack them in hanging storage racks inside your closet, leaving a narrower spot for hanging longer items like dresses, or dress pants.

To really make the most of space, add another hanging rod beneath the top rod to create two layers of hanging space for blouses, dress shirts and similar shorter items to maximize the space. If that’s not an option, you can get creative and collect tabs from drink cans. Slip one end over a hanger and then you can layer another hanger in the other opening of the tab, helping you double up. Or, look specifically for S-shaped hangers that are great for hanging multiple pairs of pants, ties, or even semi-folded tank tops and t-shirts.

If you’ve maximized every inch of your closet, but still need more space, get creative and turn your storage into an artful display. Floor to ceiling shelving or an attractive bookcase can be used to display your shoes and bags, like a boutique display. If you have some shoes that you don’t really want to display, put them in baskets on the lower shelf.

If you have a nice hat collection, show them off! Hang each one up on the wall to make an artful arrangement, while also making them easy to access and see at a glance.

Scarves and sunglasses are the kinds of wardrobe items that really make an outfit, but they can also be hard to keep organized. Consider hanging a simple hanger in your entryway and using the bottom bar to hang your sunglasses or add some clothes pins and hang your scarves for a colorful and functional display. If you don’t want to use a hanger, you can always find other creative ways to create the same effect.

Finally, if you still need more closet space, invest in an adjustable clothing rack. Since it’s going to be out in the open, you can choose to either hang the items you use most frequently on it, or you can create a stylish display, hanging clothing that’s all the same color, or creating a display going from light to dark within a similar color. Alternatively, hang a strand of decorative lights on one end and a nice hat or bag from the other, turning it into a display piece, rather than simple storage. If you really don’t want to see the clothing, find some fabric you like and cut it to drape over the clothing. Using fabric that matches the walls will help it blend.