How to Create a Home Office

Posted on September 24th, 2018

How to Create a Home Office

Between freelance workers and employees taking advantage of opportunities to work from home, at least part of the week, there’s a growing demand for home offices. Fortunately, with so much work being paperless these days, a home office doesn’t need to take up a lot of space. However, it is nice to have a dedicated space so here a few simple ways how to create a home office in your space.

If you have the space in your living room, but don’t necessarily want to see your work area on your time off, you can install a wall of curtains to block the area off. Tension rods and sheer curtains in a color that matches your walls provide an easy fix.

Sitting all day isn’t healthy and many offices are starting to incorporate desks that can be used seated or standing. Rather than shell out for an expensive convertible desk, an inexpensive piece of wood for shelving and some shelving brackets can be turned into a standing work area by installing it at bar height. When you do want a break, use a bar stool. This setup also works as a breakfast bar or a place to set out drinks and snacks when hosting friends.

Floating wall units offer a stylish alternative to a regular desk. Install them along the length of a wall and use part for your TV and part for your desk space. It creates visual unity, while also providing convenient storage.

If you do need to install a desk and chair into your living room or bedroom for your home office, but worry that space will feel crowded, look for a low-profile desk with thin legs. Either choose a desk and chair that complements the color scheme in the room or paint at least the legs of the desk to blend with the wall color, helping the desk to blend. Choosing attractive desktop accessories, as well as having drawers to hide the less attractive odds and ends help turn your desk into part of the room’s decoration, rather than stand out as an eyesore. Plus, by adding artwork around your desk area, you have a pleasant place to work.

From minimalist steel frames to antique hutches with open-out desks, there are plenty of ways to create a work area that suits your needs and looks good in your space. Create a statement corner with a stylish desk or hide everything away behind a curtain that transforms into a beautiful wall covering. There are no rules. Feel free to repurpose anything that will work for you. Just create something that makes you feel productive and satisfied.

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