Decorating Tips to Turn Your Rental Into a Home

Posted on March 28th, 2019

There’s no reason why one of the South End apartments for rent can’t have the look and feel of a more permanent home. Even though you may not be able to make all of the changes you would like, there are still plenty of ways to turn your apartment into a space that reflects your personal style. So grab a measuring tape, start saving design aesthetics that speak to you on Pinterest, and keep these tips in mind to create a true sense of home.

Lots of apartments have open plans, which make any apartment feel even larger, while also giving you options on how you use your space. Since you’re not relying on walls to define areas, such as dining areas or sitting areas, instead, use rugs, drapes, tables, or strings of lights to create different zones.

Lighting is an integral part in making any space feel more inviting. Natural sunlight is great, but when the sun sets, make sure your lighting maintains that warm glow of the sun. Your light bulbs should provide a warm light instead of a cold, white, clinical light. You can either change out your bulbs or choose lamps and other lighting fixtures, combined with warm-toned bulbs, to create a warm, soft light. Anything with dimmer options is ideal to make sure you have just the amount of light you need for any situation. Plus, lamps are another great way to express your personal style.

When you’re considering furnishings for your apartment, look for items that serve multiple purposes. For example, look for a coffee table that has storage, whether it’s for games and remotes, or even spare sheets and towels. A trunk is both stylish and functional, although you can find great pieces everywhere from thrift stores to IKEA. Also consider tall bookcases that don’t take up much space, but serve as a great way to display books and favorite photos, mementos and other decorations that make you feel at home. If you don’t have a lot of books, picture shelves are another way to highlight favorite photos, prints, and small decorative pieces that you love.

Most importantly, accessorize. Hang art, use throw pillows, and get some nice vases to fill with flowers. Minimalism is great, but there’s a difference between minimal and impersonal. Put a nice frame on that cool poster you found, or create a gallery wall of some of your favorite photos you’ve taken. Throw pillows add a great finishing touch to a living room, but also let you express yourself. Use two larger ones in a simple solid or print and then use two smaller ones with whimsical images or favorite words and phrases. Plus, with throw pillows, you can switch them out easily throughout the year for different seasons and moods.

As you settle into the South End apartments for rent, continue to think about ways to make your space feel more personal. Get creative by painting the legs of your dining table or simply add some small potted plants on the windowsill. Think about what you would do if you owned the space and try to incorporate anything that is feasible. After all, this is your home for the time being, so don’t let the fact that you’re renting stop you from creating a space you’re happy to go home to each day.