Easy Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

Posted on February 28th, 2019

When it comes to the Harrison Court South End apartments, take advantage of living in a beautiful old building in a neighborhood teeming with creativity and originality. Get inspired by the shops, local artists, and history of the building to do something a little different with any blank walls in your apartment. There are plenty of ways to get creative without it turning into a major project. Best of all, you end up with an apartment that reflects your own personality and style and gives you something to smile at every time you see it.

If you have a corner that is maybe too small for furniture, but too big to leave empty, a tall potted plant is perfect. Get a beautiful exterior pot that complements your decor — it’s also a fun way to add some color in — and a tall plant to balance out the pot and add natural beauty. There are a variety of tall plant styles, so you you won’t have trouble finding one that suits your personal tastes.

Living in the South End, there are a number of art galleries to explore and also plenty of up-and-coming artists who often show their work off in their own ateliers. Consider visiting the various galleries and artists and look for a large statement work of art or even a smaller series. You’re supporting local artists and gaining an original work of art that you can truly appreciate for years to come, no matter where you’re living.

Gallery walls are always a great way to fill an empty wall, but another alternative that requires less measuring and marking is a simple picture ledge or two. You can arrange a mixture of sizes of artwork, prints, and even small decorative objects. Let the pictures overlap slightly or evenly space them out. You can always rearrange pieces or add to it as you find new pieces, without having to worry about rehanging everything.

A popular way to add light and make a room feel even larger is the simple inclusion of a large mirror. Choosing a larger mirror makes a statement and you don’t necessarily have to hang it. If you find a large enough mirror, you could simply prop it against the wall. Alternatively, if you have a collection of antique mirrors, even in different sizes, you could create a stylish arrangement.

A truly easy way to fill an empty wall is with a fabric wall hanging. It can be a great way to display a family quilt, a beautiful tapestry, or you could go even simpler and display a fun fabric print. Visit a fabric store and see what stands out. You could hem it and hang it like a curtain or even just frame it.

Nowadays, there are a number of companies making removable decal wall art and even decal wallpaper. Create patterns with decal tiles or make a statement with a bold wallpaper, whether it’s geometric and abstract or massive flower blooms. You could even create your own fantasy, mixing and matching various decals.

No matter what you choose, whether it’s a hanging sculptural work or simply a stylish floor lamp, there’s no shortage of easy and fun ways to fill an empty wall or corner in any of the South End apartments.