2018 Fall Decor Trends

Posted on October 18th, 2018

The same way wardrobes change with the seasons, interiors of apartments in South End Boston should also have a few changes. A shift toward cozy materials, colors, or just new decorative elements is a great way to welcome in the fall and winter season. You don’t have to completely redecorate; just add a few of the new fall trends for a quick, easy, and affordable transformation.

You may have seen macrame plant holders at your grandparents’ homes, but that 1970s craft staple is making a comeback, though with a contemporary update. Sure, you can go for the classic hanging plant holder, but more often, macrame is now being used to create beautiful wall hangings. Wall hangings, in general, are popping up everywhere these days, creating a more organic option for your walls. Using yarns and fibres in contemporary colors, such as blush pink or creamy white, these artfully knotted wall hangings lose all kitsch and become real art. You can purchase one or try your hand at creating your own for a relaxing project.

Another example of trendy, organic wall hangings is the use of branches as the crosspiece from which everything from drapes of eucalyptus to twine-strung jars are hung. If you choose the small jars, you can even use them to hold flower buds or random pieces of greenery you might come across on your daily commute.

Greenery, in general, adds a beautiful touch of nature during the days when the outside world tends to look baren. Bundles of eucalyptus wrapped around a mirror or framing a headboard are an updated way of adding this season’s green to your home without the care and requirements needed for fresh plants. Boxwood and ivy are other popular plants if eucalyptus doesn’t agree with your nose.

Darker green is one of the big colors this season, but alternatively, so is blush pink. While this may seem like a spring color, the dusty tones of it work well in fall, especially against darker contrasts, such as navy blue, another trending color. A navy sofa or bedspread with dusty rose colored pillows is both elegant and cozy. Even just a few glass pieces (decorative vases, bowls, candle holders) in this shade of pink add a nice complement to a room, especially when paired with copper accents.

If you’re feeling craft try creating your own wall hanging or make some updated throw pillows in dusty pink or trendy velvet to give your place some new style. Or just go hit the shops and see what speaks to you. There’s no shortage of fun and creative shops near the apartments in South End Boston. Whatever you choose, it’s nice to change up your apartment decor the same way it’s nice to add some new pieces to your wardrobe to update your look.