How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Posted on March 18th, 2019

That area under the kitchen sink often becomes a black hole of kitchen cleaning supplies in many apartments in South End Boston. You know you purchased some new scrubbing sponges and had a full set of dishwashing gloves, but now they’re lost in that dark void where only pipes and mostly empty spray bottles seem to exist. To get your under-sink area better organized and shine a light on what you have, here are some simple tips and hacks.

One of the best things you can do is install a roll-out drawer that can contain a variety of storage items, as well as various cleaners. Simply by being able to pull the drawer out, you instantly have easier access and can see where items are.

Of course, there’s usually wasted space in the upper part of the cabinet, which is why it’s good to have clear or labeled stacking containers. You can purchase a variety of sizes, such as ones from OXO, that make it easy to hold everything from dusting wands and scrub brushes, to towels, rags, and packs of sponges. Thanks to the pull-out drawer, getting the container you need is also much easier.

The use of a suspension rod under the sink for hanging spray bottles has been around for a while, although it doesn’t always work, as the tension isn’t strong enough for heavy bottles. However, you can use a tension rod and some S-hooks to hold scrub brushes, hang rags, or even to hold a container for sponges, scrubbers, or other small items. If you do want to be able to hang your spray bottles, you may need to use a bar with metal U-shaped sockets that get screwed in to the sides of the cabinet.

If you can’t screw items in, you could purchase a two-sided bucket container with a handle in the center. Each side is a great place to store cleaners and wipes and all you have to do is pick it up and take it with you, either to the kitchen counter or into the bathroom, or wherever you need to do some cleaning. You don’t have to carry around an armful of cleaners, plus, it all stores away neatly.

Don’t forget the inside of the cabinet doors. Whether you use stick-on hooks, repurposed spice racks, or even kitchen cabinet-specific storage containers, they all work great for items that are small and tend to get lost or that you use frequently. From garbage bag rolls to Swiffer dusters, and everything in between, it’s amazing how much can be stored right on the cabinet door.

Take a look at what you do store under the kitchen sinks in your apartments in South End Boston and see if anything would be better kept in another area. Then look at what you’re left with and figure out what kind of storage combination would work best for your needs. What frustrates you the most right now and what is the easiest fix? With the variety of modular shelving, lazy susans, and other storage options, you should be able to find something that may not spark joy, but at least reduces some of the frustration of keeping things clean.