Inspirational Studio Apartment Layouts

Posted on May 6th, 2019

What studio apartments may lack in walls, they make up with opportunities to be creative. A studio apartment in South End Boston apartments like those at Harrison Court give you a sense of openness and light, airy space. Yet you can easily create the look of individual areas that seem larger than if they were bordered by walls. Here are some tips to make the most of the freedom of studio apartments.

Just because you don’t have divider walls doesn’t mean you can’t have clearly defined living areas. From the use of large rugs to delineate living rooms and bedroom areas to actual screens and curtains for physical dividers, you can create visual or physical forms of separation that offer flexibility. Use simple curtains or folding screens for extra privacy for your bedroom area, choosing colors or patterns that complement your surroundings.

Another great option for studio apartment layouts is the use of modular furniture that serves double duty. Look for modular sofas that can separate out into loveseats, individual seats, or L-shapes to give you options when entertaining. Even better if they can be used as a bed for guests. Similarly, there are tables that raise and lower to serve as either coffee tables or dining tables. This way you and your guests can dine in comfort, rather than hunched over a low table or spilling food precariously balanced on your lap.

If you don’t spend a lot of time in your apartment other than eating and sleeping, you could always turn your studio into the equivalent of a boutique hotel room. A small bistro table and chairs or even a fold-down table off to the side give you somewhere to eat or work, without taking up a lot of space. But look for unique or interesting pieces like you’d find in a stylish yet quirky boutique hotel. Of course, the main focus in any hotel is the bed, so choose a headboard to help anchor the bed in the room, and perhaps include a couple of bedside tables that do double-duty as storage, and make sure you have attractive bedding.

Depending on the actual floor plan, break up the room into individual areas. For example, have your bedroom in an out of the way corner or incorporate it into your living room area and treat the bed as extra seating. Then separate the living area with a dining area that leads onto the kitchen. By creating separate areas as much as possible, there’s a more obvious flow to the studio. Using bookcases to divide or define areas is a great tool, as is something as simple as a narrow table. Don’t be afraid to place furniture, such as sofas and chairs, away from the walls. As long as there is room to walk around them, they do a great job of creating borders, while still maintaining a sense of openness.

The key to finding the best studio layout for you is to think about how you use your South End Boston apartments on a daily basis. Put the most emphasis on the areas that you use regularly. If you dine out most of the time, look for fold-down tables that don’t take up unnecessary space. If you entertain frequently, give your living room the largest area and be sure to have plenty of chair and table options, including nesting tables that won’t take up space when not in use. By focusing on your needs, you can put the emphasis on the things you like the most and create a comfortable place to call home.