Must Have Budget Apps

Posted on November 16th, 2018

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Money matters. How you manage and budget your money really matters. With the holidays approaching, which tends to mean extra money spent on gifts, food, and travel, you need to know if you have enough and how much you can allocate. Plus, if you’ve moved into one of the apartments near Boston medical center and need to create a new budget, it helps to have easy-to-use apps to help you keep track of your spending and hopefully your saving. These budget apps will give you a better chance at staying on top of all of your expenditures so you can make the most of the holidays and your new apartment.

First off, as a general rule, you should have the apps for your bank accounts (checking and savings), credit cards, investment accounts, and credit score. These help you keep track of your financial situation whenever it occurs to you or if you’re needing to check certain info before deciding on some big purchase.

As for actual budget apps, you could start really basic and simply create a spreadsheet on Google Drive to track recurring bills so you know when they’re due and how much, as well as keep track of spending on groceries and other regular purchases.

For more detailed information, Mint is a free app that links your financial accounts so you can track where your money is being spent and also see where cuts can be made. In addition, the app helps you create budgets and monitor your credit.

With so many bills being paid as automatic monthly payments or monthly subscriptions — hey, Netflix and Spotify! — apps like Trim or Truebill will take a look at your bank statements to help you stay on top of all of those automated payments, whether monthly or annually. Use these apps to be particularly careful with those annual or semi-annual payments for things like computer security or website hosting. Those are often larger payments that can come as a surprise.

These budget apps keep you on top of where all of your money is going so you can edit down if necessary. Take that gym membership that you’re not using any more now that you’re living in one of the Harrison Court apartments near Boston medical center, where you have an in-house fitness center. Or maybe you’ve gotten rid of your car and are making the most of public transport or the on-site Zipcar station at Harrison Court. Don’t forget to budget in the costs. By keeping track of how you’re spending your money, you can see where changes can be made and know exactly how much you can afford the next time you want to go shopping in the great stores in the neighborhood or go out for brunch or dinner with friends. These apps keep all of this information right at your fingertips.