Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

Posted on November 27th, 2018

You’ve probably seen the various memes comparing the reactions people have to the arrival of the holidays. Some go all out, while others prefer a simpler expression of festive cheer. In other words, if you like to make your South End Boston apartments look like Santa’s home away from home, go for it! Otherwise, you can add some simple decorations that don’t take much space or effort, so you don’t look like the before-version of Ebenezer Scrooge.

If it’s not Christmas without a tree, but you don’t want to deal with a full-size tree, choose a smaller one that is perfect for a tabletop. You can still decorate with lights and decorations, but it doesn’t overwhelm a room and is certainly easier to maneuver in and out of an apartment.

If a tree is too much, turn to wreaths made of Christmas tree branches. You get the same festive scent (if you go with real ones) and a variety of decorating options. Keep them simple and hang them from a bare decorative branch with ribbon, which is a big style trend in general right now. You could also use ribbon to tie them to the backs of your dining chairs if you’re planning a holiday party. Instead of hanging them, lay them flat on side tables or dining tables and place a large candle in the center or even arrange some holiday tree decorations in an artful pile inside the wreath.

One way to decorate that you may want to keep up year round is the use of strings of white lights. Drape them around picture frames, mirrors, bookcases, windows and doors, criss-cross them across the ceiling, or hang them from your walls. Not only do they add a fun and festive atmosphere, they create a beautiful way to light your apartment.

The same way you can drape lights over tables, doorways, pictures and other elements of your apartment, you can drape garland. Leave it elegant and plain or twist in some lights or ribbon and add a few simple decorations.

If you want to get creative and you have a way to hang decorations from your ceiling, you could always gather together round tree ornaments in your color of choice. Tie them to some ribbon (either the same length or varying lengths for more of a cascade effect) and then tie the ribbons to a ring or some other hook that can be attached to the ceiling. You can create a faux chandelier or simply a really stunning decorative piece.

These are just a few ways to bring some simple decorative sparkle into South End Boston apartments. You can always keep it even simpler with just some extra candles, a bowl full of walnuts or pine cones, or maybe a matching pair of decorative nutcrackers to frame your TV. Adding a few simple decorations will help get you in the holiday mood and put a smile on your face.