So You Want to Live in the South End

Posted on December 14th, 2018

Big cities across the globe often experience significant changes over the decades or even centuries, with neighborhoods growing in popularity, then falling into disrepair, and then experiencing a rebirth of some sort. South End Boston is no different and it’s currently in a great up-swing. If you’re considering renting one of the apartments in South End, you couldn’t be looking at a better part of town for a community that offers just about everything.

South End, like many parts of Boston, was built on a tidal marsh in the 1850s. As the neighborhood grew and developed, it was soon filled with beautiful brownstones and what were luxurious row houses for the wealthy. One of the things that makes South End special is the prevalence of these historic buildings that still remain, adding a sense of history and character to the neighborhood.

Of course, like many neighborhoods over time, South End faltered at times. In the period of the 1950s to the 1970s, there was an attempt at urban renewal that improved some aspects but also resulted in some racial tension and the kind of displacement that often happens with gentrification. Eventually, the neighborhood became a hangout and safe haven for a lively gay scene, as well as a place for artists to come together and inspire and be inspired. Elements of that continue to this day, as South End has become one of Boston’s most stylish areas. Yet there’s still a sense of balance and diversity between the more upscale Tremont and the more gritty Boston Medical Center.

Whether you’re doing your residency, developing as a burgeoning artist, or starting a young family, South End Boston has something for everyone. You’re within easy access to numerous pocket parks, playgrounds, great restaurants, unique shops and galleries, and Boston Medical. Plus, there are plenty of ways to get into downtown Boston if that’s where work takes you daily.

If you choose one of the apartments in South End at Harrison Court, you get a part of the neighborhood’s great history in a beautifully refurbished old building with plenty of character, but also plenty of modern conveniences on site. From the pet grooming room to the full fitness center to the fireside lounge to the on-site Zipcar station, you’ve got plenty right at your fingertips. Plus, each apartment is beautifully finished with dark wood floors, quartz countertops, and washers and dryers in each unit. With all of this, it’s clear why so many people want to call South End home.