The Essentials that Every Apartment Renter Needs

Posted on December 27th, 2018

Once you move out on your own, you no longer have roommates to fill in the gaps in the various odds and ends that are necessary for daily life. If you’re moving into one of the South End luxury apartments at Harrison Court, you also don’t want to have a mish-mash of hand-me-downs that look tired instead of vintage. So if you’re setting up a new apartment or preparing to, here are some essentials that every apartment dweller should have on hand.

Before move-in day, make sure you have a first-aid kit ready and waiting for you. Bandages of different sizes, antiseptics, salves, gauze and padding, and of course, painkillers and allergy medicines (if necessary) should be kept in a convenient container in one spot so you can easily grab it for any burn, scratch, cut, etc.

Whether you’re prepping to move in or already moved in, make sure you have all of the basic cleaning supplies for bathroom, kitchen, windows, floors and such. Don’t forget the toilet bowl scrubber, along with appropriate sponges, floor mops, and dusters, or at least a good-sized roll of paper towel. Peruse the shelves at the store and think about what tools/cleaners will work best in your apartment. It’s good to have tools that can be used repeatedly and eventually recycled.

Speaking of tools, everyone should have a basic tool kit with a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, some duct tape, and a selection of nails and screws. You might want to hold on to those various IKEA tools, as well, in case something needs tightening. You don’t necessarily need power tools, just the basics to get you through simpler tasks.

The other set of tools you need is a good set of kitchen tools. That means a set of the basic pots and pans — sauce pan, stock pot, a good mid-size pot with a lid for one-pot dishes, and maybe a baking sheet and a muffin tin. Even if you don’t cook a lot, if you do have the necessary equipment, you may start cooking more for yourself and discovering a new hobby. Make sure you also have a couple of sharp knives, a cutting board, and wooden spoons and a spatula as the bare basics. Then start adding items as you realize they’d come in handy. For a real touch of style and sophistication, try to purchase items that match in style or color, such as all stainless steel or pops of red in handles, etc. You could be the one cooking for the holidays next year! Speaking of which, do you have a casserole dish or a pie plate?

Finally, make sure you have appropriate storage and lighting. Floor and table lamps offer nicer lighting options than bright overhead lights, especially if you’re looking for the right ambiance to Netflix and chill. You also want enough storage so that you can keep your apartment looking tidy, particularly for any last-minute visitors.

When moving into one of the South End luxury apartments at Harrison Court, you’re starting with a great foundation thanks to the style and great finish of each beautiful apartment. Make sure you have the right tools — not to mention some attractive decorations and wall art — to turn your apartment into a place you’re happy to come home to and where you feel confident inviting others. After all, having your act together is pretty sexy.