The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Posted on April 9th, 2019

When it comes to cleaning your Boston South End apartments, there are certain things that you should be doing daily or weekly, such as cleaning countertops, vacuuming, laundry, and dusting. However, with spring’s arrival and more sunlight to shed light on your apartment, it’s a good idea to do a thorough spring cleaning of your apartment, catching up on things you may have let slide and taking care of chores that need to be done a few times a year. Room by room, here are the things you need to do to make your apartment sparkle this spring.

The Kitchen
Often a hub of any residence, you should try to keep the kitchen clean and organized throughout the year. Cleaning countertops, stovetops, and the floor should be regular, if not daily, tasks, but there are other chores that should be done at least every few months. Start with the fridge and throw out anything past its prime and then thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the fridge. Go ahead and clean all of your appliances, such as the dishwasher, toaster, etc. Next up, go through your pantry, taking out everything and giving the cupboards a good cleaning. If you have food items that need new storage, make a list. Don’t forget to wipe down containers, especially if there are any drips. Finally, give your trashcan a thorough cleaning.

The Bathroom
While the shower, tub, sink, toilet, and floors should be cleaned regularly, now is the time to go through your medicine cabinet and drawers. Toss expired makeup and medicine and consider reorganizing your cabinets if you find items you’d forgotten. If you have a shower curtain, put it in the wash if possible or at least give it a good clean and scrub to prevent mildew.

The Living Room

Now is the time to go deeper with your cleaning in the living room. Consider washing sofa and pillow covers if possible and break out the attachments on your vacuum cleaner and get deep into the crevices of any cushioned chairs. Now is also the time to clean any blinds or curtains. Also go through any bowls, boxes, baskets and other storage items you use, cleaning out any junk, old batteries, magazines, and other items that are just taking up space.

The Bedroom

One tip to consider in the bedroom is vacuuming your mattress every time you change your sheets. Even if you use a mattress protector, you should vacuum your mattress at least once a month, just to pick up all the dust and dead skin that can accumulate. Now is also a good time to wash your pillows, linens, and comforters. As part of your spring cleaning, go ahead and pull your bed out so you can properly vacuum under it, along with any other furniture in the room. Take this time to declutter and organize your bedside tables, your drawers, and especially your closet. Get rid of clothing you don’t wear any more or that can’t be cleaned or repaired. Start moving your spring and summer clothes forward to make them more accessible and pack away any winter clothes you won’t be using.

These are the main areas to focus on in any Boston South End apartments, but go ahead and look at your own apartment and think about what needs some extra TLC. Windows, office spaces, laundry rooms and entryways all deserve a little extra attention to make your apartment look its best this spring.